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Facebook: Add Me as a Friend

by sitmonkeysupreme

I don’t spend a lot of time on Facebook, but I’ve been able to reconnect with some long-lost friends through Facebook, so it does have its uses.

Here’s what irritates me about some Facebook users…

Friend requests that don’t include a personal note. If you haven’t been in touch with someone in a long time, and you really and truly want to reconnect with them in a meaningful way, wouldn’t you take the time to say hello when you are asking them to add you as a friend?

If you’ve been in contact with them minutes or hours before you clicked on the ‘Add as friend’ button, then maybe you could skip the intro and it would be okay. But it only takes a couple of minutes to say hello and it makes the person you’re friending feel like you value them as a friend.

I state clearly in my Facebook profile that I do not accept friend requests that don’t include a personal note. But this hasn’t stopped them being sent my way.

Recently, I got a friend request on Facebook from someone I hadn’t heard from in over 10 years. This person did not include a note – just the impersonal friend request. I’d like to know what they were thinking. All these years of non-communication and they can only manage a mouse click?! That’s some friend!

I make no apologies for not accepting these impersonal friend requests. In my experience, someone who doesn’t take the time to say ‘hi’ after all these years isn’t going to take the time to interact with me beyond the occasional ‘like’ or ‘poke’ (whatever that means), if even that. I want to be more than a name on their friends list.

And then there are the wall-hijackers.

These people advertise their website links on your wall without your consent. I don’t like that at all and I will delete these posts as soon as I spot them. If these friends were to ask me nicely, I might let them post their links on my wall. It’s all about courtesy. If and when I get tired of policing my Facebook wall, I just might disable the wall feature altogether.

Tagging is another feature that drives me to distraction. I’ve been tagged by some people in photos that had nothing to do with me. It seems like a sneaky way to get someone to view a photo or other item. And all those other people who are tagged at the same time – it’s like sending mass emails without using the blind carbon copy feature. Indiscriminate tagging does not endear the ‘tagger’ to me.

OK, rant over. I have found some long-lost, good old friends through Facebook, and for this, I am grateful. Please share what you like or dislike about the way some people use Facebook.

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